Availability and sale of puppies and dogs...

You want one of our puppy?

If you are living outside Canada, please take note that I will not sell ‘’pet puppies’’ outside Canada. Due to the need of rabies vaccination and a minimum of 21 days delay asked to import in USA or in any European country, the cost of my pet puppies will be too much expensive for only a pet. You can surely find a good breeder in your own country. If you are a Canadian citizen, please take note that I will not ship. You will need to pick up your puppy in our home. By the way, you will enjoy visiting our area (Estrie)! I shipped many puppies over the years, when I was living closer to Montreal and its international airport. But due to the distance I am now living from the airport, and the fact that shipping in cargo is not always easy due to numerous embargos; flying dogs is not an easy task. For this reason, I decide to ask people coming home. I do not ship pet puppies. Prior any visit or reservation, I will require that you print, fill and return the questionnaire you will find on the ‘’Réservation’ page. Mailing address is on the ‘’Contact’’ page. After, I will contact you back, either by email or phone. If we both agree about the possible sale, then you will need to provide a $400 non refundable deposit. Price of our pet puppies is $1500 (without sex preference, without color choices). The choice of the puppy will be done by myself and based on your family’s true needs to match the puppy’s individual personnality and yours. If you prefer to choose your own puppy, the price will be $1800 (only one puppy by litter and from each sex may be chosen that way), but you will need to choose it at 7 weeks of age, either by photos or by visiting us. Puppies are ready to go only at 10 weeks of age. They are sold with a LIFETIME genetic health warantee, tattooed and/or micropchipped, and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. All the dogs and puppies are raw fed and on a low vaccination protocol.

You are already a breeder?

If you are a breeder of Eurasier or Finnish Lapphund, please contact me privately and we will discuss your needs. The only time I agree to export, is when someone wants a show quality prospect puppy or young adult. Price will depends on bloodline, age of the dog when exported, custom needs, etc. Puppies sold to breeders are the only ones I will accept to ship internationaly.  
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